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Instant PCB Quote

Release time: 28/08/2017

PCB calculatorQuick-turn PCB, prototype PCB, Rigid flex circuit board and PCB assembly deposition makes industry highly developed. The PCB and PCB assembly quote comes to be transparent. PCB and PCB assembly industry profits come to be averaged. During the past few years, being impacted by the current global economic recession, a variety of PCB makers have been withdrawn from this market, in particular, the small business providing low manufacturing capabilities and without scale and outstanding services. Regarding PCB calculator online quote, It can save more our engineer or worker cost to discount your PCB cost. We reduce some sales cost to increase our service engineer salary. Let us be faster and professional to sever customer from all over the globe. Welcome you to use our PCB calculator system.


If you have hot PCB quote requirement, hot RFQ PCB or urgent PCB inquiry project.  You have to fill or chose some information such as layer count, PCB part number, Production time(short turnaround PCB increases cost), PCB size, quantities, PCB thickness, copper weight, surface finish, soldermask color and other special requirements etc. You will get instant PCB quote from our online shop or PCB calculator system.


Our PCB calculator service for your PCB prototype, HDI PCB, HDI rigid flex PCB, flex PCB prototyping, Flex circuits sample, rigid flex circuit board prototype, complex Micro vias PCB inquiry. You not only can Order PCB and get a PCB invoice by our PCB calculator system but also your time will be saved if your place your PCB order and provide your payment slip by our PCB calculator system. Then you can finish your order in PCB calculator system and refuse China PCB manufacturers’ time difference.


To your surprise, our PCB calculator system can support monthly payment. Become a monthly payment customer. You will only pay once a month and save your bank fee and time.  Release your PCB order on our PCB calculator system will be quicker than before.


Our PCB calculator system also includes some special requirements such as impedance control PCB, limited line spacing, and width PCB, blind vias PCB, buried vias PCB, epoxy filled PCB(vias in pad PCB), countersinks holes PCB, HDI micro vias PCB and other rigid PCB or rigid flex circuit etc.  You can fine HDI micro vias PCB price up to three deep HDI PCB cost from our PCB calculator system.  Of cause you can three deep rigid flex circuits PCB price or 24 hours quick turnaround PCB prototype cost from our PCB calculator system.  PCB calculator system also can support for your Hot PCB inquiry or urgent PCB RFQ with 24 hours.  So you can place your PCB order anytime and any places by PCB calculate system.


Maybe our PCB online system or PCB calculate system is not enough intelligent.  If you find our PCB calculate system has some problems or incorrect. Welcome you to contact our sales email by sales@hemeixinpcb.com. We still believe humans are clever than PCB calculate system for complex PCB quote.