Microvia HDI PCBs

Hemeixin is one of the first companies to provide volume high density interconnect PCB capability to our customers. Our continuous investment in developing world-class, fine-line Microvia technology has made us a leading Microvia HDI PCB board manufacturer. Our thorough experience and commitment in providing a complete solution for our customers helps to resolve early design issues, shorten the lead time, and deliver a high-quality, cost-efficient product.

This includes:

  • ELIC (Every Layer Interconnection)
  • Skipped, telescopic, stacked μvias
  • Copper filled via, HDI via fill plating, via in pad technology
  • 68 layers
  • Quick-turn, High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB board within 10 working days
  • HDI PCB build up: 1+N+1 HDI PCB, 2+N+2 HDI PCB, 3+N+3 HDI PCB, 4+N+4 HDI PCB
  • Ultra-thin HDI PCB for wearable electronics
  • Megtron 6 (R-5775), Megtron 4 (R-5755) high speed, low loss material HDI PCB manufacturing services
  • PCB fabrication assembly one-stop services

General capabilities for rigid PCB boards:

Description Standard Capabilities
Lines/spaces 45/50 µm
Microvias/pad diameter (laser) 75/200 µm
Through vias/pads diameter (mechanical) 150/300 µm
Thinnest starting material 50 µm
Thinnest dielectric thickness 60 µm
Conductor width tolerance +/- 20%
Artwork to soldermask tolerance +/- 25 µm
Layer count up to 58

Advance capabilities for rigid PCB boards:

Description Standard Capabilities
Lines/spaces 35/40 µm
Microvias/pad diameter (laser) 50/150 µm
Through vias/pads diameter (mechanical) 125/250 µm
Thinnest starting material 50 µm
Thinnest dielectric thickness 50 µm
Conductor width tolerance +/- 15%
Artwork to soldermask tolerance +/- 15 µm
Layer count up to 68

Our Solution

Laser Drill & Laser Direct Imaging: Technology for High Quality HDI PCB Manufacturing

High density interconnect PCB designs push the limits of technology and Hemeixinpcb is at the forefront of innovation, satisfying the most rigorous requirements.

The demand for HDI PCB manufacturing has been increasing due to the advancements in technology and the many benefits HDI PCBs provide for high-tech applications. Fitting more technology in less space with fewer layers creates limitations for many HDI PCB manufacturing companies that do not have the specialized equipment and the capacity for advanced features, finer lines, and tighter tolerances. HDI printed circuit board designs utilize a combination of advanced features like microvias, blind vias, via-in-pad, along with stacked and staggered vias to maximize the space of the board while increasing its performance and functionality.

Hemeixinpcb achieves high quality and precision with in-house laser drill capabilities that include precise depth control. Laser direct imaging (LDI) capabilities ensure exacting registration and all multilayer inner cores receive a thorough check using Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) units for excellent defect detection of the finest features.

In addition to our Microvia HDI PCB manufacturing, we also produce other types. Discover our RF and Microwave PCB, Heavy Copper PCB, Metal Core & Thermal PCB, Manufacturing Capabilities, and IC Substrate pages.

About Us

At HemeixinPCB, we’re your one-stop shop for all things PCB, everywhere from manufacturing and assembly, straight down to the final production and speedy delivery.

Whether it’s Rigid PCBs & HDIs, Rigid-Flex & Flex PCBs and HDIs, Electronic Parts’ Kits and Circuit Board Assembly, or Quick Turn PCB, we provide you with the ever-convenient options of either standard, fast, or express delivery. To view our full PCB prototype assembly-delivery services, please visit here.

For further information or enquiries regarding our HDI PCB assembly, production or manufacturing services, or to obtain an online quote for a Rigid PCB, Flex PCB, Rigid-Flex, or Turn-Key PCB, please fill out our online form here or contact us via Skype or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We understand how crucial it is for our customers to have technological products that are faster and lighter than their competitors, and as such we are a leading manufacturer of High Density Interconnect PCB.

We are experts in PCB fabrication, especially when it comes to creating miniature components, specialized equipment, and high quality thin materials to use in circuitry. Our facilities strive to stay up to date on the most advanced technologies and equipment in order to produce the best HDI PCB for our clients.

If your product has high speed electrical requirements, such as high-frequency transmission capability, reductions in unnecessary radiation, and impedance control measures, our HDI PCB manufacturing capacity has you covered.

HDI PCB production requires high-density micro-vias, thin lines, and reliable high performing thin materials. While the HDI PCB manufacturing process may be intricate and complex, the results are well worth the investment as the circuit boards’ compactness and decreased weight to conventional counterparts means that the devices are more resistant to physical collision.

This higher density per unit area functionality has resulted in an increase in HDI PCB manufacturing to meet growing demand for use in various fields such as 4g networking, smartphones, computing, and other high-tech applications.

Moreover, advantages to using HDI PCB include increased cost effectiveness, as one HDI circuit board can produce the same functionality that traditionally would have required multiple boards. That is more value, for less!

If your business is looking to use high density interconnect PCB in your products, feel free to contact us any time and send us your specifications for a quote.

Our HDI PCB manufacturing experts can help review your turnkey designs and can consult the best approach to achieve your desired goals.

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