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ATE PCB boards and Probe card PCB

We have over 10 years of experience producing automated test equipment (ATE) boards for leading companies.

Automated Test Equipment (ATE) boards are used in the semiconductor chip testing process. ATE boards are increasing in complexity with greater numbers of layers – upwards of 40 to 60. These designs focus on high complexity, high performance, and high layer count.

ATE PCB (Automated Testing Equipment Printed Circuit Board) can be your answer to testing highly complex devices! With advancing technology, the one thing that becomes imperative is to test highly complex devices in order to ensure reliability. An effective way to do it is viding an automatic test equipment printed circuit board or ATE PCB. It acts as an efficient way to test large test systems.

When it comes to ATE PCBs, any small error can lead to not just monetary loss as well as lost time-to-market. It is imperative, therefore that the ATE PCB program managers have specialized skills that go beyond conventional PCBs.

Our worker staff has decades of knowhow and experience to efficiently complete the most complex ATE PCB board manufacturing. At Hemeixin, you’ll get the best and most effective ATE PCB fabrication our industry offers. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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Probe Card PCB

ATE PCB manufacturer

Used to test the un-cut, un-packaged semiconductor, that is performing the electrical test for Die;The PCB BGA pitch is usually ≥0.3mm, when pitch <0.3mm, need to use interposer and MLO adaptor board to connect with probe card; Impedance controlled and highly demanded for surface evenness.

Burn in board

Burn in boards manufacturing

Used for performing aging test for packaged IC under certain working environment and time, to verify the reliability; BGA pitch is usually≥0.4mm, with polyimide material which got ultra-high thermal performance.

Load board

ATE load board manufacturing

Through cut, Die attach, wire bonding, plastics package, wafer will be packaged by epoxy resin or other material, becoming IC. And then ATE machine will perform the electrical test to verify the good and bad; BGA pitch is usually≥0.35mm; Impedance controlled.

ATE PCB and Probe card PCB Capabilities

Item Standard Technology Advance Technology
PCB Thickness 250 mils 280 mils
PCB layer count 60 80
Min Impedance Tolerance ±5% ±5%
Min Finished Thickness Tolerance ±7 mils ±7 mils
Min Dielectric Space < 1 mil – 0.5 mil < 0.5 mil
Drill Pitch 14mils <14mils
Min Drill Hole 5mils 4mils
Min Aspect Ratio 42:1 46:1
Min Drilled Hole to Copper 3 mils 2.5 mils
DUT Pin Count 1500-2000 >2000
Stub Drill Pitch 87mils 87mils
Min Internal Line Width 1.75 mils <1.75 mils
Min Internal Space Cu to Cu 2 mils 1.5 mils
Min External Line Width 2.2 mils <2.2 mils
Min Extenral Space Cu to Cu 2 mils 1.5 mils
Warp&Twist 0.5% 0.3%
POFV evenness 15μm <15μm
DUT pads height difference / 1.5mils/inch
Whole pads height difference   200μm


Requirements Description
Alignment&High aspect radio Main trend load board BGA pitch is 0.35~0.5mm;
Multiple parallel test channels: 4site 8 site~16site;
>30 layers, space between holes and conductors is under 4mil;
PCB capability requirements: high layer precise alignment and drilling, plating and VIA IN PAD for high aspect radio.
Test Interface Main trend Probe Card BGA pitch is 85~200um;
High-end is 40~55um, which is beyond the PCB processing capability, need to use MLO/MLC space transformer interface, with ICS and wafer backend technology.
Surface evenness Probe Card and high-end ATE board request high surface evenness performance, warp and twist is 0.1%~0.2%, DUT Area pads height differences should be controlled in 2 mils, high-end products request 25-28um
Surface Quality DUT area pads need to connect through probe, thus the pads surface have to be high performance, no cave, no damage, no scratch, and no roughness etc...
Signal Integrity To confirm signal integrity, need to confirm impedance at ±5% tolerance and back drill stub <10 mils; Need high capability of plating and etching uniformity and back drill processing.
ATE pcbs manufacturing

ATE PCB Technical Feature

Hemeixin’s expertise in the manufacture of ATE pcb board hardware runs both broad, and deep. Hemexin has specialized manufacturing teams with knowledge and experience across all the major Technical Features. The manufacturing and test process for ATE boards at Hemeixin is honed to produce the highest in quality and reliability. Hemeixin’s customer base in this business sector includes several of the world’s leading semiconductor companies and serves as testimony to its success and commitment to customer satisfaction in this area.

At Hemeixin, we are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment as well as an expert team that can handle the most specialized requirements for ATE PCBs. Additionally, when you join hands with us you also get access to a rich body of industry best practices that give you an edge.

We are extremely committed to offering quick turnaround times that help you go-to-market early. The fact that we have an unstinting focus on quality endears us to our clients.

All you need to do is to get in touch with our team and share your bespoke requirements. Our experienced team will share a custom quote that is extremely cost-effective and ensures that your project is extremely competitive!

Hemeixin has specialized ATE pcb manufacturing teams with knowledge and experience across all the major tester platforms. The ATE PCB manufacturing process for ATE boards at Hemeixin is honed to produce the highest in quality and reliability. 

Type of ATE PCB:

  • Epoxy Probe cards, Blade Probe cards and specialty Probe cards.
  • Device Interface Boards
  • Handler Interface Boards
  • Prober Interface Boards
  • Load Boards
  • Bench Boards
  • Evaluation Boards
  • Reference Boards
  • Adapter Cards
  • Burn in Boards

ATE Tester types

Load Boards


Advantest Load Board

Credence Load Board

Teradyne Load Board

Verigy Load Board




































Advantest Probe Cards













































Having vast experience in working for all major test board and ATE IC test system Customers. We have long experience in manufacturing PCB boards for ATE under different PCB design requirements and able to provide high yield manufacturing solution. 

ATE PCB fabrication process adopted by the experienced professional manufacturer ensures right PCB delivered at first pass on schedule.


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