PCB Layout

Hemeixinpcb has since designed over 8,000 different pcbs. Hemeixinpcb combines extensive experience, comprehensive know-how, and advanced design software with skilled, professional and reliable team of printed circuit boards designers. Hemeixinpcb’s team of designers includes experts in a wide range of PCBs:
  • High speed digital PCB boards
  • HDI PCB boards
  • RF PCB boards
  • Analog PCB boards
  • Backplanes PCB boards
  • Power supply PCB boards
  • ATE PCB boards
  • Aluminum PCB boards
  • Metal core PCB
  • Flexible PCB boards
  • Rigid-flexible circuits

PCB Layout Tools

  • Allegro, Pads, Mentor Expedition, Altium Designer

PCB Schematic

  • CIS/ORCAD, Concept-HDL, Montor DxDesigner, Design Capture, etc.

Hemeixinpcb believes in courteous, swift and professional customer service. The company’s goal is to provide rapid and high-quality solutions to the satisfaction of all customers – both new and old. Many years of experience, use of advanced technologies, compliance with the requirements of IPC standard, and a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable designers that plan every step in advance – all these shorten the fabrication time and TTM (Time to Market).

PCB Design - With varied production technologies

  • RIGID Multilayer / Motherboards/Backplanes / All Types IAW IPC2221+IPC2222
  • Flexible / Rigid-Flex PCBs In-Accordance-With IPC-2223
  • MicroVias / Stacked & Staggered & Blind & Buried Vias IAW IPC2226
  • HDI= High Density Interconnect IAW IPC2226

PCB Design Capability

  • Highest layers::60 Layers
  • Maximum PIN count:69000+
  • Maximum connections:55000+
  • Minimum line width:1.5mil
  • Minimum line spacing:1.5mil
  • Minimum via:6mil(3mil laser hole)
  • Maximum BGA in a single PCB:62
  • Maximum BGA PIN spacing:0.4mm
  • Maximum BGA PIN count:2597
  • Highest speed signal:28Gbps
  • HDI PCB design: 1+N+1, 1+1+..+1+N+1+1+..+1, M+N+M Stacked Microvia and Any layer HDI PCB up to 30 layers.

Required information to quote pcb design & Layout

  • Complete and verified schematic(s) in one of the software platforms we offer: PCAD, Cadence Allegro, PADS (Mentor Graphics), or Altium Designer.
  • Complete and verified BOM. Customer must spec. out each component for the layout, based on their familiarity with requirements of the circuitry.
  • Part numbers for components must be complete, along with package/footprint details for each component.
  • Board form factors (Dimensional details, board thickness, tooling hole locations, mechanical constraints, etc.) in one of the software platforms we offer, listed above. We can also work with DXF files from CAD tools (like AutoCAD, etc.). Also provide details on: surface finish, solder mask, silkscreen, finished copper weight, etc.
  • Any special layout routing or fabrication requirements. Special Requirements or Non-Standard Tolerances.
  • Is the board to be RoHS compliant, Yes or No?

PCB Layout process flow chart

To assist our clients with better time-to-market and control on product development, a special design process flow has been implemented by the Hemeixinpcb.

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