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Metal Core PCB

Hemeixinpcb is a PCB technology that makes it possible to conduct heat out of the LED and into the atmosphere in a faster and more efficient manner. While the primary focus of Hemeixinpcb is the rapidly evolving LED market, there are other applications for which Hemeixinpcb is an ideal candidate.

The thermal conductivity assisted by the aluminium core in the circuit boards makes higher packing densities, longer operating times, and improved security against failure possible, such as for LED technology and for high power transistors.

The Hemeixinpcb promise is to reduce LED junction temperature allowing users to increase LED life, increase reliability, increase brightness, increase lumens per LED and reduce cost per lumens and that is a promise Hemeixinpcb definitely delivers on.

We can offer aluminum pcb:

Aluminum Core pcb Board manufacturer
  • Aluminum Base Single & Multilayer PCB
  • Copper Base Single & Multilayer PCB
  • Aluminum core PCB
  • Copper core PCB
  • Metal Back PCB
  • Electric separation copper base board
  • COB Mirror aluminum base board
  • COB Plating silver base board

Metal Core PCB and aluminum pcb Capabilities:

IMS pcb manufacturer
  • Laminate – Ceramic filled polymer, glass fiber cloth, pure rubber filled polymer and Ceramic glass fiber cloth
  • Base Metal:Aluminum 5052, Aluminum 6061, Copper
  • Finished Thickness = 0.60mm~3.0mm
  • Maximum Copper Weight = 30 oz.
  • Thermally conductive and withstand woltage: 0.5W/m.k~3W/m.k, DC max.7000, AC Max.5000V
  • Thermal Resistance: 0.1-0.7℃/W
  • Minimum hole size: 0.50mm
  • Minimum Countersunk hole size: 2.0mm
  • Distance of trace to board adge:≥1.0mm
  • Distance of hole to board adge:≥board thickness 1.5 times
  • Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL)&OSP
  • Immersion Gold (ENIG) & Immersion Silver

IMS PCB and aluminum pcb Includes:

thermal clad pcb manufacturer
  • Arlon 92ML –2.0W/m.k
  • Bergquist –2.2-3.0W/m.k
  • Doosan –2.0W/m.k
  • Denka Hit Plate –2.0-8.0 W/m.k
  • DuPont CoolLam –Polyimide based –0.80W/m.k
  • ITEQ-IT859 GTA –2.0W/m.k
  • Laird Technology HKA 30W/mk
  • Polytronics –2.7W/m.k
  • Sekisui –2.0W/m.k
  • Ventec -VT 4A1 –1.6W/m.k

Metal core pcb and aluminum pcb Applications:

Aluminum Core pcb fabrication
  • Commercial / Industrial lights
  • Street lights
  • Back lights
  • LED Packaging Substrate
  • Residential down lights
  • Road light
  • Fluorescent light
  • Stage light
  • Spot light

What is an IMS PCB?

IMS = Insulated Metal Substrate, It also called metal core pcb. A metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) also known as thermal PCB, incorporates a metal material as its base as opposed to the traditional FR4, for the heat spreader fragment of the board. Heat builds up due to some electronic components during the operation of the board. The purpose of the metal is to divert this heat away from critical board components and towards less crucial areas such as the metal heatsink backing or metallic core. Hence, these PCBs are apt for thermal management.

Copper circuitry bonded onto an electrically insulated thermal dielectric layer, that is bonded to a metallic substrate.

  • The insulating thermal dielectric is a special material, with good thermal conductivity; normally it is 8 to 10 times more thermally conductive than FR4.
  • The dielectric is normally is made using a filling material that normally used aluminium oxide, aluminium nitride, boron nitride, magnesium oxide or silicon oxide.
  • An aluminium metal base is perhaps the most common metallic base. It is suitable for drilling, punching and cutting.
  • In most cases and IMS board reduced the need for heat sinks.

Metal core pcb and aluminum pcb Material considerations

Material vendor Type MOT Thermal conductive (W/m-K) Tg Dielectric thickness (μm) Mark
Arlon 92ML 140 2 170 75-152 Single and double side Al / Cu base
Arlon 92ML 90 2 170 75-152 Single side Cu / AL base
Bergquist HT 140 2.2 150 76±5 Single side Cu / AL base
Bergquist HIGHROAD® T30.20 130 1.1 90 76 Single side AL base
Bergquist HPL-03015 140 3 185 38±5 Single side Cu / AL base
Bergquist MP 130 1.3 90 76±5 Single Cu / AL base
Kinwong KW-ALS 90 2 110 80-200 Single side stainless steel / Cu / AL base
Kinwong KW-ALS 90 1.5 120 80-200 Single Al base
Ventec VT-4A2 90 2.2 130 75-200 Single side AL base
Ventec VT-4B 130 3 130 75-200 Single side AL base
Laird T-Lam DSL 1KA 110 3 105 100-305 Single side Cu / AL base
Laird T-Lam DSL 110 3 105 102-305 Single and double side Cu base
Laird T-Lam DSL 110 3 105 102-305 Single and double side Cu / AL base
Laird T-lam SS HTD 150 2.2 168 102-152 Single side Cu / AL /Cu alloy base
PTTC PTTC(TCP-2L) 90 2 130 80-150 Single and double side AL base
PTTC TCB-2AL 110 2.7 130 80-150 Single Al base
PTTC TCB-2L 90 2 130 80-150 Single Al base
Qingxi CS-AL-88,CS-AL-89 130 2 100 60-200 Single side Cu / AL base
Dongli EPA-M2CTI 90 2 145 75-150 Single Al base
DOOSAN DST-5000 110 2 110 95-200 Single side AL base

Aluminum pcb Base metal

  • Consider the application to choose suitable metal base
  1.  For normal lighting application, can choose 1K (1100) and 3K (3003) serial Aluminium ;
  2.  For Power application, can choose 5K (5052) serial Aluminium;
  3.  For Rectification application (shaking environment), can choose 6K (6061) serial Aluminium ;
  4.  Postfix name “H” means; Work hardening state to increase strength; “T” means after heat treatment; the first digital after “H” &”T” means degree; see next slide.
  • Copper base, much better for heat sink;
  • Stainless steel, good for electromagnetism shielding;
Metal(Alloy) Thermal conductive(W/m*K CTE(PPM/K) Density(g/cm3) Elasticity modulus(Gpa) Mark
C1100 Cu 391.1 16.9 8.94 117 Low CTE, high thermal conductivity; high cost
1060 H18 Al 203 23.5 2.7 25.8 Pure Al, good thermal conductivity but hard for mechanical making, low cost
5052 H34 Al 150 25 2.7 25.9 Al-Mg alloy, good bending property, suitable for punch; middle cost
6061 T6 Al 150 25 2.7 26 Al-Mg-Si alloy, suitable for CNC, V-cut; high cost
304 stainless steel 16 16 7.9 200
Cool Roll steel 391.1 16.9 7.9 200

At Hemeixin you can get aluminium core PCBs with a thermal conductivity of 1.0 W/mK to 8 W/mK. The aluminium core helps to distribute the selective heat of heat-intensive components and to make the heat development on the printed circuit board more homogenous. The rule of thumb for many high-power LEDs is: A 10° C lower junction temperature increases the lifetime by 10.000h.

For one-sided metal core PCBs, a heat sink and/or fan (active cooling) can be mounted directly on the aluminum (passive cooling).

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