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Long Flex PCB and Rigid-Flex PCB

Hemeixin pcb has developed, through its R&D initiatives and processes, methodologies and the capability to manufacture consistent multiple lots of 50 feet (15 meter) extended-length, flexible, printed wiring cables.

The Hemeixin FPCs and rigid flex pcbs are manufactured using a equipment, With the continual pushing of technology boundaries and ongoing demand for miniaturisation, traditional fabrication methods are unsuited to deliver prospective design demands. Hemeixin has invested a considerable amount in new equipment, advancing both capability and capacity.

Roll-to-roll manufacturing, being automated, removes the human interaction, that in panel form impacts yield and output. This permits thinner cores, foils and finer line & space that can be produced on traditional manufacturing processes. So that overcomes these limitations, enabling production of FPCs of unlimited length.

These cables were manufactured by Hemeixin Flexible Circuits engineers for our customer's aerospace/avionics application.

long flex pcb manufacturer

Long Flex PCB Capability overview

  • Custom designed copper flexible circuits in exceptionally long lengths
  • Sizes up to 50 feet (15 meter) in length and longer upon request
  • Width size maximum is 20″(0.5 meter)
  • Standard conductor pitch 0.015″ (0.381mm)
  • Shielding to provide EMI/RFI protection
  • Available in single, double, and multilayer options1/4 oz – 7oz copper
Long flexible circuit manufacturer

Long Flex PCB technical specification

  • Controlled impedance design
  • Light weight, dense packaging solutions
  • Replacement for wire harnesses
  • Custom termination design for use with:
  • High density circular connectors
  • D sub-miniature connectors
  • Surface mount connectors & components
  • Pin and socket connectors
  • Leaded components
  • Edge card and ZIF connectors
  • Crimp-on/displacement pins and connect

Benefits of long Flex PCB and long rigid flex pcb :

  • Eliminates common discrete wiring issues that can occur over extended lengths
  • Easy to package, transport, and install (can use origami pattern techniques to minimize space during transit)
  • Perfect solution for applications where products need to be large at their destination but small/compact for its journey

Whether you're looking for a long flex circuit or large format flex PCBs and Extended-Length flex PCBs from your PCB manufacturer, we can provide you with the guidance, expertise and capabilities to bring your concept to reality.

We are able to produce flexible PCBs that are several metres long thanks to our mastery of the roll-to-roll manufacturing process.

These flexible PCBs or rigid flex pcb, much larger than standard-sized PCBs and without any real limit on size, offer a major advantage. They allow you to produce a single piece that includes all functional parts along with all necessary connectors, whereas a traditional design would require the combination of one or more rigid PCBs with wired connections.

Contact us to learn more about the endless possibilities offered by our large-format and Extended-Length flex PCBs and rigid flex pcb.

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