Top Reasons to Choose HDI PCB

Modern industries are getting more digitized by the day. This is why we need to be on-boarded all the high-end technology available. More and more, businesses turn to PCBs to make electronic device...

Factors That Impact RF PCB Design

RF PCB design is a vast field that covers not only many topics but also the design of systems, the selection of components, and the implementation of the whole circuit. A well-designed high-perform...

Everything You Need to Know About Flex PCBs

The world has become smaller, thanks to the rapid evolution of technology. With burgeoning global demand for connectivity, broadband, lightning-fast data processing capabilities, etc., there has be...

Every Layer Interconnect (ELIC) Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturer

As technology becomes smaller and more complex, the need for reliable Every Layer Interconnect (ELIC) rigid-flex printed circuit board (PCB) providers is more significant than ever. This guide prov...

ELIC PCB and HDI Multilayer Designing

The world of electronics is getting increasingly complicated with new features and functionalities being introduced nearly every day. At the same time, electronic devices are getting smaller as man...

How to design rigid flex pcb - Hemeixin

What is Rigid-Flex PCB ? As the name suggests, a flexible printed circuit is a pattern of conductors printed onto a flexible insulating film. Rigid-flex PCB is the name given to a printed circuit ...

How to BGA Fanout Routing in your HDI PCB

HDI stands for High-Density Interconnect. As the name suggests, an HDI PCB is characterized by its high density of components and routing interconnections that use the latest PCB technologies. An H...

How to reduce HDI PCB cost

At some level of circuit complexity, turning to an HDI architecture with blind and buried vias will result in better yield and lower cost than would a through-hole design. In this article, we disc...

How to Reduce Rigid Flex PCB Costs

Rigid flex printed circuit boards (PCBs) are highly versatile circuit boards that incorporate aspects of both hardboard and flexible circuits. They are typically composed of multiple layers of rigi...

Rogers 4350B vs Megtron 6 vs Tachyon100G - High speed pcb Laminates Comparison Chart

PCBs are evolving with the continually increasing demands of the electronics and telecom market. We are sitting on the eve of widespread deployment of 5G wireless technology across the globe. This ...

How to Calculate the Flex PCB Bend Radius and the rigid flex pcb minimum bend radius?

Circuit boards have allowed humanity to step into the modern era. One can argue that they are the cornerstone of humanity's most recent achievements. All scientific research, whether concerning the...

Design Basics for HDI and the HDI PCB Manufacturing Process

When creating an HDI PCB, there are some basic design guidelines that need to be followed. Validating your design for the HDI manufacturing process is important. It will help you avoid costly mista...
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