3-D Modeling Integrates Flexible PCB Design

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Flexible PCBs are an important part of electronic devices. Many compact and complex electronic circuits would not have been possible if it weren't for flex PCBs. From cell phones and high-end digit...

Flex PCB Manufacturing Process

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Flex PCB is one of the most important technological advances made in the field of electronics. Despite the complexity and cost-burden associated with the flex circuits, they are widely used. Especi...

HDI PCB Manufacturing Process

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We live in an age of smart devices. Our smartphones have significantly more computing power than NASA had when it sent a man to the moon. It didn't happen overnight. It happened through decades of ...

How Are Rigid-Flex PCBs Made?

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Rigid-Flex PCBs are made by combining rigid and flexible PCBs to incorporate the best features of both PCB types. Rigid side brings in proper component anchoring, high component density, compact co...

PCB Assembly Process – What is it, and how is it important?

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For most engineers, the design process of the PCB is where most potential failing points are dealt with. It’s hard to argue with that logic because designing is where everything starts from. No mat...

What is Turnkey PCB Assembly?

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Many engineers are capable of preparing their own PCB assemblies. From inception (design) to the final product (finished PCB assembly), PCBs can be fabricated in-home using some DIY methods. But on...

What is HDI Flex PCB

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Flex PCBs offer fantastic flexibility and diversity to circuits. But there are certain limits to how much you can achieve with a simple flex alone. Designers and fabricators are trying to push the ...

What is Circuit Board Assembly?

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A circuit board or a printed circuit board is an integral part of every electronic device. The efficiency, integrity, and robustness of the circuit board itself can have a significant impact on the...

What is A Rigid-Flex PCB?

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Conventionally, PCBs were nothing more than hard boards with holes to anchor and sold components. These were the forefathers of what we now call a rigid PCB. Now, circuits have gotten way more comp...

Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing Process

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Rigid-Flex PCB manufacturing and designing is no longer a novelty in the world of PCB. Rigid-Flex PCBs have been in play for decades now. But that doesn’t mean the evolution and improvement of the ...

Price Considerations for Flexible Circuit Design

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Flex circuits are becoming increasingly popular. They are light, mechanically flexible, and allows for 3D designing. This makes up for the design complexity and price considerations they come with....

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Flex Circuit

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Flexible PCBs and Flex circuits have revolutionized the field of electronics ever since their inception. Not only did they made it possible to create electronic circuits of dynamic nature (circuits...

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