Rigid Flex PCB Technology and Production Process

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The rapid innovation in electronic gadgets - from HDTVs to video game consoles and everything in between - is made possible thanks to the emergence of rigid flex PCBs. Even your DSLR camera, laptop...

What Are Rogers PCB Material- High Frequency PCB

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Rogers, or Rogers High Frequency PCB Material, is a hard and dense material that can be used to manufacture printed circuit boards. This board contains an epoxy resin core, metal plated with copper...

Flex PCB Stackup

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Flex PCB stackup defines the arrangement of the copper layers and insulating layers that make up PCB board. Knowing more about the stackup allows designers to fit more components on a single board ...

Flex PCB | Flexible Circuit Boards by Hemeixin Electronics Co., Ltd

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Have you ever looked at your iPhone and wondered how it works? Maybe you’ve seen a broken TV remote or an electric battery-powered toy. The tiny green boards sticking out of broken electrical appli...

How Thick is a Flex PCB?

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Designers are fond of using ‘standards’ when working with flex PCBs, often preferring certain dimensions of the circuit board for their applications. While there is no regularized standard dictatin...

How Do I Order Flex PCB?

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A flex PCB, also known as a flexible circuit, is PCB technology. It has many similarities to traditional PCBs but differs slightly in the manufacturing and assembly process. Like traditional circui...

Multilayer PCB Design: HDI PCB Stackup Demystified

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If you want to pack more functionality in your printed circuit board, you need to use HDI PCB design considerations. HDI PCBs are miniaturized and advanced PCBs that enable manufacturers to add mor...

Rigid-Flex PCB Bend Radius

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Electricity is the source of humankind's technological success. We have advanced a great deal from the times of steam engines and the wheel to the current world order. Humans have found innovative ...

How to Calculate the Flex PCB Bend Radius

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Circuit boards have allowed humanity to step into the modern era. One can argue that they are the cornerstone of humanity's most recent achievements. All scientific research, whether concerning the...

Overview of PCB Assembly Process

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Considering our attachment to technology, we can assume that many of us are aware of the importance of circuit boards. They provide the basic internal structure for our appliances to function. Circ...

The Different Types of PCB Assembly Processes

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Printed circuit boards are the cornerstone of modern electrical design evolution. Have you noticed how technology is becoming smaller and more compact in size? From simple cell phones to complicate...

Commonly Used PCB Components in PCB Assembly

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We live in the digital era, constantly surrounded by electronic devices and consumer gadgets. Our education, work, and entertainment are all available on hand-held devices. This is all possible thr...
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