Rigid-Flex PCB: DFM and Design Rule Considerations

Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are becoming increasingly popular in various industries, from consumer electronics to aerospace and defense. While flex PCBs have been around for many years...

Rigid Flex PCB Design Creation Best Practices

Designing with rigid flex circuits is different from designing with HDI boards. All engineers know how hard it is to design and create the perfect rigid flex PCB design. With limited space, there a...

HDI PCB Routing :3 Fantastic Tips About Its

Routing PCBs is an integral part of any PCB design. The HDI PCB layout and design should be done carefully and patiently to get the optimum result. Routing a PCB is a difficult task, not only becau...

HDI PCB Layout with Blind and Buried Vias

The complexity of the HDI PCB layout is rising fast. It involves hardware and software requirements to keep pace with the iterative trends in advanced PCB design. Also, it has become challenging fo...

Copper Thickness Requirements for Flex Circuits

Most designers don’t pay attention to important parameters like copper thickness and flex circuit thickness until very late into their project - only to realize that they have to scrap the entire p...

When to Use Flex PCB?

Flex PCBs are important components of modern-day electronics and power everything compact in a circuit board. Unlike standard PCBs, flex PCBs can be designed to fit into smaller spaces, making them...

What Are Rogers PCB Materials- High Frequency PCB

Rogers, or High Frequency PCB Material, is a hard and dense material that can be used to manufacture printed circuit boards. This board contains an epoxy resin core, metal plated with copper and al...

How to Design a Flex PCB

The approach to designing flex PCBs is drastically different from that of rigid PCBs. Flex PCBs offer many benefits compared to rigid PCBs, such as ease of installation, durability, and being light...

Designing a Flex PCB Prototype: PCB Design Tips and Considerations

In order to produce a flex PCB prototype, there are several considerations related to the fabrication and the end use of the PCB circuit, including the design of the copper pattern itself. Before y...

What Are Flex PCB Stiffeners

The biggest advantage of flex PCBs can also be its biggest shortfall - and this is why stiffeners are used. Without a stiffener, flex circuits will not be rigid without a stiffener in areas requiri...

What is HDI PCB material?

PCB Material selection plays an important role in PCB fabrication and application functionality. Designers must carefully choose materials when working with High density interconnectors that featur...

What is HDI PCB layerup?

HDI PCB stackup is a multilayer printed circuit board (PCB) that uses high-density interconnects (HDIs) to connect its various layers. HDI PCB technology allows for smaller and more densely packed ...
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