What is an ELIC HDI PCB?-Any layer HDI PCB

The popularity of HDI and HYBRID PCB has increased considerably over the years, mainly as a result of manufacturing innovation. This type of PCB is used in high-end electronic, industrial, and mili...

Applications of Rigid-Flex PCB and Semi Flex PCB Design

Flexible PCB has been widely used in the market and has become an indispensable product for the electronic industry. It can adapt to various applications of flexible PCB, such as wearable devices, ...

Accelerate Your Rigid-Flex PCB Designs

The rigid flex PCB manufacturing has come a long way due to technological, materials, and process capability changes. If you are designing a rigid flex PCB, you already know that the process is not...

Advanced Flex PCB Rigid-Flex PCB Design Support

A rigid-flex PCB is a hybrid circuit board of a rigid PCB and a flex PCB. The rigid-flexible circuit board contains a rigid board with flexible interconnections. The flexible interconnection can fo...

Flexible Circuit Boards Are A Different Species

Flex PCB boards combine durability and longevity with efficiency and functionality - while also being affordable to manufacturers. It is no wonder that engineers are pivoting to flex PCBs for power...

Flex Circuit Design Process

Flexible circuits, also known as flex circuits, are specifically designed to support and electrically connect components with the aid of pads, conductive tracks, and other features etched from copp...

Rigid-Flex PCB Applications in Medical and Medical Device Worlds

Rigid-flex printed circuit boards (PCBs) are an essential technology in the medical and medical device industries. They offer a unique combination of flexibility and rigidity that allows them to be...

RF PCB Design Guidelines: RF and Microwave PCB Assembly

The RF PCB and Microwave pcb industry is fast-paced, and the push to produce PCB assembly faster and cheaper continues. This aggressive pace has led to PCB design rules conflicting with component r...

Best RF PCB Guide: high speed and RF PCB routing

High speed and RF PCB routing is a delicate activity suited for expert engineers. If you are new to the industry, you might ask yourself how to start routing efficiently. With high speed, engineers...

What's Different in HDI PCB?

With the continued growth of PCB board design, the PCB industry began to accelerate year by year. Since the establishment of HDI PCB, the use of high-density interconnections has changed the tradit...

What Is Flex PCB Bend Radius?

Have you ever looked at your smartwatch and wondered how it functions? New technologies are being developed daily, allowing engineers to downsize consumer electronics rapidly. People used to walk a...

Understanding Flex PCB and Stiffeners

In electronic design, the ability to lay out complex circuits on a single board is very important. However, manufacturing costs associated with circuit board development have led to the use of more...
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