Important Points about HDI PCB Manufacturing, Production, and Usage

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The High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB, or sometimes called the blind via PCB, is the printed circuit board type that uses the higher circuitry density, which gives a faster transmission and more ...

The Simple Guide about Flexible PCB – Introduction and Uses of Flexible PCB

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What is a flexible PCB? In short, flexible PCB is the printed circuit board that uses bendable, durable, and flexible materials. It provides a circuit board that is lightweight, thin, flexible, and...

The Reasons Most Modern Devices Use Rigid Flex PCB as Their Primary Printed Circuit Board

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With today’s technological advancements, there are many innovations in terms of modern devices that we are using in our daily life. The modern devices that are available today offer better features...

7 Aspects that Determine the Quality of RF PCB Manufacturing

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Among the various PCBs that you can manufacture for your projects, RF PCB is perhaps the most complex one to assemble and manufacture in large quantities. With RF PCB units, there are plenty of del...

The Importance of Rigid-Flex PCB Design Guidelines

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When designing a printed circuit board, reliability should be at the top of your requirements. Rigid-flex PCBs are the go-to option for various electronic applications because they use the best of ...

A Guide to Flex Circuit Stiffeners for Flex PCB

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Flexible printed circuit boards or Flex PCBs are some of the most popular printed circuit boards available in the market. They come in handy when working with rigid boards becomes difficult. Types...

Flexible Rigid-flex Circuits Technical Engineering Guide

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Simply put, flex circuits are printed circuit boards that can bend. They are a hybrid of conventional printed circuit boards and round wire. Flex circuits can be shaped into design configurations t...

What Is a Microvia

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Designing a PCB can be pretty easy once you learn all the component types and their symbols. But even then, it can get confusing when deciding which component goes where on the board. And that is w...

What is HDI PCB and HDI PCB Applications

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An electronics product has many parts. Among them, the printed circuit board, more often known as PCB, is critical to the product's functionality. As with any other product that requires assembly, ...

How Rigid-Flex PCB Design Configurations are Advancing

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Rigid flex PCB technology is found across all commercial, industrial, and military applications. The ubiquitous boards are used in cell phones, smart devices, wearables, and digital capers. They ar...

Which Flexible Circuit Board Material Is Used in Fabrication of Your Flex PCB?

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Printed circuit boards are an evolving line of technology in the electronics industry. They have allowed humans to invent increasingly complex and small appliances with unparalleled accuracy. There...

Rigid-Flex PCBs Design Guidelines by Hemeixin Electronics Co., Ltd

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Printed circuit boards have become the new standard in electronics. They come in three main categories: rigid PCBs, flex PCBs, and rigid-flex circuit boards. Printed circuit boards are becoming inc...
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