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Hemeixin Electronics Co., Limited is one quick-turn manufacturer of prototype, various types and low volume PCBs in the world; to offer personalized one-stop solution matching the local various types and quick turn PCBA service

We specialize in Quick turn PCB services with an industry leading turnaround time as fast as 72 hours.

Not only do we know the importance of ensuring quick turnaround for the success of your project, but we also know that the resulting quality is equally as important. With our integrated in-house facility, 687-strong workforce, 87-plus dedicated engineer, 42 different PCB processing stations, and 24/5 production schedule, we can fulfill all PCB prototype projects on tight deadlines faster than the average lead times most PCB service companies can achieve – and with quality, of course. This means the shortest turnaround times and the highest quality for any HDI project as well.

When your company needs fast and rapid PCB prototyping, know that you can count on Hemeixin to deliver high quality printed circuit boards on time at competitive prices.

We have an industry leading on-time percentage that customers have come to love. We understand the importance of delivering on our promises, so we have a rock solid customer satisfaction guarantee.

PCB Special Offering

  • Blind and Buried Vias
  • Up to 58 layers
  • .002″ Trace/Space
  • Via-in-Pad
  • Stacked Microvias
  • Heavy Copper (up to 30 oz.)
  • Multilayer RF Designs (up to 8 layers)
  • Rigid flex PCB

One-Stop Solution

  • Full Turn-key PCB
  • PCB Prototype
  • Quick turn PCB 24 hours short run
  • Volume Production

Hemeixinpcb is an elite provider of custom PCB fabrication services with its multifaceted group of experts and ample experience in rendering electronics manufacturing services as our competency can be evidenced through our global customer base. Our guaranteed full fledge PCB fabrication services from product layout, manufacturing to warehousing & shipping have made it possible to have a top-notch customer retention ratio.

Our printed circuit board fabrication services are available in high volume, low volume printed circuit boards, full turnkey printed circuit boards, consignment PCB fab and more.

Hemeixinpcb has adopted advanced methods and latest technologies of PCB fabrication, which can ensure about the performance of fabricated printed circuit boards. Our experts are capable of managing every complex requirement of PCB fab services. We understand every need of our client and offer multilayer PCBs, quick turn PCB fab, rigid flex PCBs, RF circuit boards, ATE printed circuit boards, metal core PCB fabrication, standard PCB fabrication, custom PCB fabrication, hybrid PCB fab, PCB testing, and more.

Our capabilities have expanded in providing quick-turn PCB fabrication, NPI prototyping & fab, and multi-layer PCB fabrication to our customers when they want to introduce products to the market and require larger quantities in a short period of time.

Hemeixinpcb has its own state-of-art unit and PCB fabrication facilities in China, where we offer standard printed circuit board fabrication services to our clients. Our experts are capable to manage everything from simple PCB layout to complex PCB design and single layer to multilayer PCB fabrication.

RF PCB Manufacturer

RF PCB take a different design approach wit specialized material sets. High frequency designs are transitioning away from mil-aero and are appearing in more common devices, such as IoT products that interface with mobile networks. Leverage our experience to make your RF PCB design a reality:

  • Dielectrics - PTFE or low-loss FR4 laminates kept in stock in our network, RO4350+RO4450 available for mil-aero PCB builds
  • Surface finishes - Standard options for moderate loss dielectrics, we recommend immersion Ag or OSP
  • Copper - Available copper materials depend on material system, our partners offer ultra-low profiles if needed
  • Exposed plating - Edge and surface plating applied in standard processing for reliable enclosure connections and shielding

It is imperative, that you go with a RF PCB Manufacturer that understands these subtle nuances, that in turn go towards the seamless working of the RF circuit board.

Despite the strong focus on quality, an equally strong attention on quick turnaround times, ensures that your deadlines never go awry and that you have the advantage of quick-time-to-market.

HDI PCB fabrication

Modern digital systems are packing huge levels of feature density into small packages. Typical applications have been small digital boards with large processors and multiple peripherals, but more specialized areas like medical and commercial space are now using HDI designs. We provide comprehensive in-house design services for advanced high density PCB designs and production support through our partner network:

  • Stackups - 1+N+1, 2+N+2/i+N+i, and ELIC HDI PCB stackup options up to 32 layers
  • Via options - Through-hole, buried, laser drilled microvias down to 2 mil diameter
  • Via fill - Solder mask plug/tenting, conducutive or non-conductive epoxy
  • Materials - Stadnard dielectrics compatible with build-up laminations

HDI any-layer printed circuit boards are the next technological enhancement of HDI microvia printed circuit boards: all the electrical connections between the individual layers consist of laser-drilled microvias. The main advantage of this technology is that all the layers can be freely interconnected. To produce these circuit boards, Hemeixinpcb uses laser-drilled microvias electroplated with copper.

Turnkey pcb assembly

For first run prototypes, we provide low-touch full turnkey PCB manufacturing through our partner network. Boards are designed to a standard stackup and process to minimize manufacturing lead time and ensure quality with hassle-free management.

  • Standard stackups - Material sets from Isola, ITEQ, or equivalent with low-Tg or high-Tg options with moderate layer counts (up to 12-58)
  • Fine capabilities - Fine-line traces, spacing, and drill sizes with high yield and competitive cost
  • Thorough evaluation - DFM/DFA review is performed before taking the design to production, customize your testing and inspection requirements
  • Scale to volume - Make a seamless transition to high volume production through our PCB manufacturing factory

PCBA Component Sourcing and Procurement

In times of supply chain volatility, we know how important a sourcing strategy can be to your success. As part of managed PCB manufacturing, we implement a sourcing strategy to prevent delays that can derail your project.

  • BOM cleaning and optimization - We’ll go through your pcb assembly BOM to identify and replace obsolete or out-of-stock components. In many cases, we can recommend alternative drop-in replacements that don’t increase the price of your build and incur minimal design changes. For more extensive changes involving critical parts, we can update the design with current parts, and we can accommodate multiple variants as needed.
  • Component sourcing strategy - We handle procurement for projects with multiple distributors and design variants. We get started early to ensure your components are in-stock and we procure critical components early when necessary. When parts are out-of-stock from major distributors, we can engage with parts brokers as needed or work to update your design with replacements.

Running an efficient Component Sourcing department is crucial for achieving fast turnaround PCBA manufacturing as we need to source all components while we manufacture the PCB’s in our own factory thus staying on top of the entire value chain.

We sources hundreds of different types of parts per day to meet the demand from our customers.

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