RF and Microwave PCB

Most products today require special attention to signal intergrity. Hemeixin offers customers a large variety of base materials to cover their needs in the high speed/low loss arena. In addition, we can assist our customers with various advanced high frequency measurement techniques to verify compliance to specifications.

We feature a dedicated signal integrity lab and a corporate signal integrity engineers.

High-Frequency / Low-Loss Materials

  • Nelco N4000-12/N4000-12SI
  • Nelco N4000-13EP/N4000-13EPSI
  • Nelco N7000-1
  • Isola FR408, FR 408 HR
  • Isola P95, Isola P96
  • Arlon 85N
  • Rogers RO4350B, RO4450B,RO4350F, RO4003
  • Ventec VT-901
  • Panasonic Megtron 6
  • Panasonic R2125
  • Panasonic Megtron VI
  • Taconic RF 35

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