Epoxy Filled Vias

Hemeixin offers a variety of printed circuit board manufacturing solutions for Plug Via Process requirements. Whether you require vias flooded with mask, selective plugging in BGA areas, conductive and non-conductive epoxy fill, or fully plugged and via in pad, we have you covered.

In PCB design, via refers to a pad with a plated hole that connects copper tracks from one layer of the board to other layer(s). High-density multi-layer PCBs may have blind vias, which are visible only on one surface, or buried vias, which are visible on neither, normally referred to as micro vias. The advent and extensive use of finer pitch devices and requirements for smaller size PCBs creates new challenges. An exciting solution to these challenges uses a recent, but common PCB manufacturing technology with self descriptive name, “via in pad”.

Filled via in pad is a way to achieve intermediate density with an intermediate cost compared to using blind/buried vias. Some of the key advantages associated with using the via in pad technology are:


  • Fan out fine pitch (less than .75mm) BGAs
  • Meets closely packed placement requirements
  • Better thermal management
  • Overcomes high speed design issues and constraints 

i.e. low inductance

  • No via plugging is required at component locations
  • Provides a flat, coplanar surface for component attachment
PCB via filling

Via Fill Options

Vias filled with LPI/hole fill mask