Rigid Flex PCB

In response to market requirements, HemeixinPCB also offers production of its core HDI technology in combination with flexible printed circuit boards. To make this possible, HemeixinPCB can offer rigid-flex and flexible PCBs and HDIs for high-reliability applications, with features down to 25 µm and flexible dielectric core down to 25 µm. With the revolution in portable communications’ products over the last decade, Rigid Flexible Circuits have become a preferred design solution for both complex, three-dimensional product assembly and advanced component surface mounting demands.


The Innovation in Your Products

Rigid Flex Circuits provide you with a unique tool in order to bring your innovative packaging ideas to market, and to also separate your products from the crowd. In addition, Rigid Flex gives you the ability to design your circuitry to fit the device, rather than building the device to fit the circuit board.

The Density in Your Packaging

The standard dielectric in flexible circuits is .001 – .002" making it a natural for ultra-thin, ultra-light packaging. Adhesiveless laminates, HDI and thin copper layers make it ideal for fine line technology, providing you with the smallest, thinnest and lightest solution for your circuit designs.

The Reliability of Your Circuitry

To reassure the ultimate reliability as a leading Rigid Flex PCB manufacturer, Rigid Flex Circuits are specially designed for the rigors of aerospace, medical and military applications. Flex assemblies also reduce connectors, and the manufacturing labor, yield, transmission, and reliability issues that are inherent as part of their application.


What We Offer:
  • Double/single sided flex PCB
  • Ultra-thin flexible printed circuit boards
  • Multilayer flexible PCB board
  • HDI flexible PCB
  • Multilayer flexi rigid board
  • Quick turn rigid flexible pcb board within 10 working days.
  • The fastest Turn-Key Rigid Flex PCB assembly within 2 weeks.
  • Stacked and staggered Micro via large format circuit board
  • Large format Circuit board
  • Ultra long rigid flexible PCB board
  • Heavy copper Rigid Flex PCB Copper Weight of up to 10 oz
  • Sculptured rigid flex circuits
  • Heater flex circuits
  • Differential copper flexible PCB
  • Copper-filled microvias Rigid Flex PCB
  • Minimum track width and spacing in mass production around 50μm
  • HDI Rigid Flex PCB build up: 1+N+1 HDI Rigid Flex PCB, 2+N+2 HDI Rigid Flex PCB, 3+N+3 HDI Rigid Flex PCB, 4+N+4 HDI Rigid Flex PCB,  5+N+5 HDI Rigid Flex PCB, 6+N+6 HDI Rigid Flex PCB,  7+N+7 HDI Rigid Flex PCB
  • Any layer HDI Rigid Flex PCB
  • Ultra-thin HDI Rigid Flex PCB for wearable electronics
  • Wire bonding and encapsulation Rigid Flex PCB manufacturing services

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