Turn-key PCB Assembly

HemeixinPCB is a one-stop solution for all circuit board production and assembly services. Everywhere from PCB circuit board manufacturing to assembly, our clients trust us to be their complete turn-key provider for any project.

For complete key-turn services, we produce everything, including manufacturing the circuit boards, finding and ordering PCB components, printed circuit board assembly, surface mount PCB assembly, quality inspections, testing, and the final circuit board and product assembly.

The final lead time for your circuit board assembly order comprises the procurement lead time plus the complete lead time. On average, lead times for PCB assembly are typically between 1-5 working days for PCB assembly alone, and between 10-16 working days for turn-key PCB assembly.

At HemeixinPCB, we offer the following PCB assembly services:
  • Quick-turn PCB assembly
  • Turnkey PCB assembly
  • Partial turn-key assembly
  • PCB Prototype assembly
  • Consignment assembly
  • RoHS compliant lead-free assembly
  • Non-RoHS assembly
  • PCB assembly
  • PCB calculator
PCB assembly
PCB Calculator

Files required for bare-board fabrication: Gerber files, drill files, IPC-356A (optional)

Files required for SMT assembly: Gerber files, drill files, X-Y data, Bill of Materials (BOM) in Excel format (for both consigned and turnkey orders).

For whichever PCB assembly you require, HemeixinPCB has you covered. We understand that a quick turnaround is integral to any project’s success, which is why we don’t just assure a premium-quality product and superior service, but we also ensure a speedy assembly - that’s our promise to you.

For all things PCB, everywhere from Rigid HDI PCBs, Rigid-Flex & Flex PCBs and HDI PCBs, to Electronic Parts’ Kits & Circuit Board Assembly and Quick Turn PCB, you’re provided the options of either standard, fast, or express delivery. View our full PCB prototype assembly-delivery services here.

To find out further information regarding our PCB assembly or manufacturer services, to make an enquiry or for an online quote, please fill out our online form here or contact us via Skype or email.