Flexible PCB manufacture for your design needs for smaller and higher density installations.

Flexible circuit board, also known as “soft board”, is a printed circuit board made of the flexible insulating substrate. Or it can be said that it is made of polyimide or polyester film. The flexi...

Well-made PCB fabrication

The miniaturization, portability, and speed of information of various electronic products have long been the hard-won conditions for the design and manufacture of products. The circuit board is the...

What is HDI Rigid Flex PCB?

HDI Rigid-Flex PCB Before we take a look into what an HDI Rigid Flex PCB is, it is important to understand the elements that make it up. Rigid-Flex PCB With electronic devices shrinking day by d...

Reduce Your PCB Costs with Rigid-Flex PCB

Whether you are making your first simple prototype circuit or trying to refine and redesign a bulky gadget, you have to make a choice. The choice of what kind of PCB you are going to use. Most peop...

Reduce Your PCB Costs with HDI Rigid Flex PCB

As the requirement for miniaturization in electronic devices is increasing, the need for more compact and complex circuits is increasing as well. This need caused conventional PCBs to evolve. First...

What is a HDI PCB Technology?

High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB evolved from conventional PCBs due to the demand for miniaturization in circuits. Applications like medical implants, networking, high-frequency devices and devi...

What is a blind microvia?

Via stands for vertical interconnect access. A via is basically a hole connecting two pads on two different layers of a PCB. The hole itself just provides an accesses from one pad to another. The c...

The complete guide to understanding printed circuit board assembly

MEANING OF PCB ASSEMBLY Printed circuit board assembly is a board with a host of assembled electronic components.  The electronic components are often assembled to the board through the soldering ...

What are the differences between surface mount soldering and through hole soldering

PCB configurations are still much dependent the nature to components to be used. Their shapes and pattern rely on the nature of resistors, capacitors, and diodes that will be deployed for the elect...

HDI Rigid Flex PCB & HDI PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB With electronic devices shrinking day by day, and the rising need to produce more and more compact circuits, PCBs have come a long way. Conventional rigid PCBs cannot fulfill the ma...

What is HDI rigid-flex

Circuits boards are essential parts of any electronic system. They provide electronic product manufacturers a platform to integrate various electronic components to power up electronics products. T...

HDI Rigid-Flex PCB

With the evolution of technology, our devices are steadily becoming more efficient, faster, smarter, and of course, smaller. Even if we don’t count nanotechnology, our everyday devices have shrunk ...
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