Do you know Flex PCB?

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Flex PCB is a new type of printed circuit board that combines the durability of rigid PCB and the adaptability of flexible PCB. In all types of PCB, Flex PCB is the most resistant to harsh environments. Therefore, it is favored by industrial control, medical and military equipment manufacturers, and enterprises in the Mainland are gradually increasing the proportion of production combined with soft and hard boards.

Flex PCB has the advantages of reducing the assembly size and weight of the electronic product, avoiding wiring errors, increasing the flexibility of the organization, improving the reliability, realizing the three-dimensional assembly under different assembly conditions, saving the internal space of the product, reducing the volume of the finished product, and improving the performance of the product. Etc. Flex PCB with various advantages are relatively high in cost compared with other products and have many production processes, high production difficulty, low yield, and long production cycle.

Of course, the expensive and Flex PCB are inseparable from the picking of materials. In terms of materials, the hardboard of Flex PCB is made of FR4 such as PCB, and the material of the board is PI or PET. Based on the difference in thermal compression between the two, it is generally supplied. A modified material such as an epoxy resin or an improved resin is used.

The development of Flex PCB is based on the flexible board and the high-density multi-layer rigid board. Such as substrate blanking, pattern transfer, etching, film removal, surface treatment, laminated cover film, surface treatment, rigid plate laminate, browning, open flexible window, and other procedures are complicated and cumbersome, so whether in the material In terms of selection and production, Flex PCB is tested, adjusted and optimized for each production process.

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