PCB assembly in China

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Printed circuit boards, abbreviated as PCB, are used for the connection of electric components. This connection can be made by use of conductive tracks and even other material that is fixed onto the PCB. The PCB is incorporated in all the electronic products but it is mostly in the simple models. Alternatively, you can opt to use the point-to-point construction or the wire wrap in place of the PCB. The use of these two has been outdated and the PCB is preferred because it is faster and cheaper. PCB assembly China is done by many of the established firms in the industry there.

PCB assembly in China

There are several firms in China that are recognized and specialized in PCB assembly China and the manufacture of other related products in the same industry. Some of the most popular firms include the following;

• The ZK Electronic Technology Company

This is one of the most renowned companies that is involved in the manufacture of the PCB in China. In addition to manufacturing, it also is among the leading companies involved in PCB assembly in China.

• ZHI Honglai

They are also a renowned company in the industry but their main function is reselling second-hand spare parts. They also sell new parts and helps individuals and companies in PCB assembly in China.

• Heller Industries

Located in Min Hang District the capital of Shanghai China, this company’s major interest is in manufacturing. They deal with the manufacture of equipment used in other industries that deal with PCB assembly China.

• Sun East Tech Development Company

This is one of the oldest in the region, having existed for more than 30 years. Due to their many years of practice and experience, they boast of being the inventors of the first screen printer and eve the wave soldier machine that is used in China. They mainly deal in PC assembly China for use in assembling industries and making of screen printers, their invention.

• ECM Equipment ales Inc

This is also among the leading companies that deal with the manufacture of the wave soldier and screen printers like the Sun East Tech Development Company. In addition to that, they are also involved in PCB assembly China alongside the other companies in the industry.


PCB assembly China is one of the industries that have the largest number of investors. The industry has attracted many shareholders who are interested in either the manufacture or assembly of the PCB. Some of the companies that have specialized in the industry and are well established are listed above.

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