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The advent of TurnKey PCB assembly has restructured and drastically changed our approach to electronics manufacturing and PCB assembly in general. The old ways just don’t cut it anymore. Today’s demand for technology and hardware designs requires systems and services that are fast, accurate, and relatively cheap. Yes, the old methods of PCB assembly were fashioned to accommodate an enormous amount of orders and leads. But when it comes to small batch runs and product prototypes, start-up hardware designers and entrepreneurs find solace in employing TurnKey PCB assembly.

TurnKey PCB assembly is a concept that can get you straight from raw concept to end product and finally to the market with some simple steps. The system takes advantage of onshore PCB manufacturing and top-notch software (cloud-based) to avail designers the opportunity to print circuit boards fast and easily.

Turn-Key PCB assembly


The process is really simple. In some cases, all you have to do is to upload BOM files and you get an instant quote which will include a Turn key or PCB price list for labor, bare boards, and circuit components. Once this is done successfully, the manufacturer kicks into action and gets everything else done for you. This includes searching for the best parts at the best price. Turn Key PCB assembly can simplify your seemingly complex project and get it done within a day.
Extended services are provided by some PCB assembly service providers. These services tend to go beyond mere boards. They are targeted at getting you a finished product.


There are quite a number of reasons why engineers and startup entrepreneurs prefer Turn Key PCB assembly to the traditional system of PCB manufacturing.

Turn-Key PCB assembly

1. EXCLUSIVITY: Turn Key PCB assembly restricts you to one manufacturer. This is a good thing because you do not have to deal with multiple vendors at the same time. It then becomes easy to move your concept to the final product while retaining the same manufacturer.

2. PROTOTYPES: With the new turnkey system in printed circuit board manufacturing, generating a prototype for your designs and concepts is quite easy and cheap. Old PCB manufacturing methods are all too long, frustrating and expensive.

3. SPEED: With TurnKey PCB assembly, you can get instant quotes. You do not have to wait for an extended period of time before you get to know how much an order will cost you. Turn Key system allows you to upload your file and get an instant quote right there on the manufacturer’s web page.

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