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Global digitalization has minimized the use of hardware. Everything from business management to engineering has switched to digital interactivity channels. With more focus on software development, engineers leave no stones unturned in designing hardware that facilitates the use of digital tools. An HDI PCB is one such product of modern technology.

Unlike traditional PCBs, the HDI PCB minimizes the need for massive circuitry. You can achieve more functionality using a single printed circuit board than a conventional one. Thanks to the PCB industry, we can access some advanced circuitry gadgets. These components may have a smaller size. However, they can eliminate the need for many other circuit parts.

Let's look at the details below to understand better an HDI PCB and where it is used.

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What Is an HDI PCB?

HDI or High-Density Interconnect PCB is a printed circuit board with enhanced functionality. It allows increased interconnections while occupying a small space. You can think of it as a small circuit board with the same efficiency. This PCB type is the product of the digital world. 

A typical PCB consists of 120-160 pins per square inch. Engineers design the HDI PCBs with versatile routing capabilities. They use the microvia PCB technology and buried and blind vias to create the circuitry.

Where Is HDI PCB Application?

HDI PCBs are popular in various industries. They have revolutionized the scope of product engineering across borders. Let's look at some of the primary applications of HDI PCBs.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has benefited the most from HDI PCBs. Modern medical equipment uses HDI to perform complicated functions without errors. Unlike those days when there were few electromedical devices, HDI has enabled engineers to design compact medical devices for various purposes.

From diagnostic equipment to implantation materials, you can find vast applications of HDI. One typical example is the Pacemaker device. Almost every hospital around the globe has a Pacemaker. You may also find visual aids, including miniature cameras and operative components to examine the human body. 

HDIs have enabled the development of internal monitoring devices. Health practitioners can insert a small camera into the veins to examine the condition of organs. It helps them provide accurate diagnoses to treat the problem. You may also find the application of HDI-powered devices in colonoscopy and angiography.

Automotive Industry

Do you wonder how classic cars turned modern with countless intelligent features? The answer is HDI PCBs. Automotive manufacturers analyzed the scope of HDIs and incorporated them to design unique driving features. One of the significant applications of HDIs is in developing sensors. Modern cars can sense obstructions, lane departures, uphill terrains, and more.

Automakers use HDIs to create the infotainment units of cars. Apart from the basic touch operation, several infotainment clusters allow operating more features. These options may include driving modes, aerodynamic controls, ambient lighting, air conditioning, etc. 

More importantly, HDIs are most-relevant for electric vehicles. The EVs use electronic systems to generate power and charge batteries. Some of the high-end EVs also feature a fast-charging function.

Smart Devices

The transition from traditional cellular phones to smartphones is due to HDI PCBs. All the smart devices, including cell phones, tablets, and other touch devices, use HDIs. Manufacturers use the ELIC (Every Layer Interconnection) method to establish the electronic assembly of the devices. 

Over the years, the thickness of smartphones reduced. Brands introduced new models with thinner bodies and charged more to sell them. The sleeker design is due to the minimized internal circuitry. Using advanced PCBs like HDI, smartphone makers reduced the inner clutter to reduce the weight and size of devices.

Moreover, the camera setups of some of the latest smartphones use HDIs to offer enhanced functionality. You can switch from macro to wide and ultra-wide lenses in a swipe.

Wearables and VR

Not long ago, we witnessed some of the astonishing wonders of technology. Brands like Apple and Samsung introduced wearable devices with comprehensive functionality. You can tie them on your wrist and do much more than see the time. These devices use HDIs to incorporate complex features in a small space. 

Another tool of the modern age is the Virtual Reality (VR) headset. You can wear it and explore a virtual world without going anywhere. The VR headset is an optical device based on HDI circuit assembly. You can play VR games, watch VR movies, and do more.

The majority of fitness enthusiasts around the world wear fitness bands. These bands can help you monitor your daily fitness stats, including the steps you run or walk in a day, your heart rate, blood pressure, and more. With the help of HDIs, the fitness bands can provide accurate information about your health daily.

Military Industry

If those warfare games with electronically operated guns fascinated you, using HDI in the military industry might surprise you. The military sector uses HDIs in various domains. They build modern weapons, automatic firearms, intelligent radar systems, efficient communication devices, and more. 

The aerospace division also uses HDI PCBs to create modern tracking systems. Over the years, NASA sent projects to explore other planets, including Mars. These projects used HDIs and other advanced components to minimize the clutter and enhance the functionality in outer space.

Modern missile technology uses intelligent sensing to locate and follow the target. The military engineers use HDIs to build high-end systems for smooth missile operation. Apart from missiles, military aircraft and land vehicles incorporate the use of HDI PCBs.

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The Takeaway

The popularity of modern circuitry like HDI PCB has increased massively over recent years. Almost every business industry uses HDIs in multiple domains of electronic operations. Apart from the industries mentioned above, many small enterprises opt for rigid-flex and HDI PCBs to create innovative equipment.

If you wonder how to find the right HDI for your next project, you may find all the details online, including specifications, design, and applications. HDI PCBs are cost-effective and more efficient than traditional PCBs in the market. There are many helpful resources where you can find expert assistance in designing your circuit board.

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