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The world of electronics has always been moving forward, and one of the areas that have seen the most growth is circuit boards. Circuit boards have gone through several developments over the past century to get where they are today. Today you can find almost any piece of machinery or device with a circuit board, be it a watch, telephone, car, or computer.

If you run a long patch cable, you know that it is expensive and that the signal quality degrades due to the resistance in the cable. That is why we started manufacturing this 20m flex PCB. It can be expanded up to 20m and maintain the same high quality as a standard PCB. It can save you time and money on your project at hand. Scroll down and learn more about flex PCB manufacturing and tips for designing your next 20m long flexible circuit.

What Is a Long Flex PCB?

A long flex PCB is an electronic circuit board manufactured with a longer than standard length. Long flex PCBs are used to manufacture medical equipment and other devices requiring high-performance electrical connections.

Long flex PCBs are manufactured by rolling several standard-sized circuit boards into a long, continuous strip. This allowed for less wasted space when constructing a device and increased functionality. Long flex circuits can be used to build a single large circuit board for use in many different products, or they can be divided into smaller segments that each perform a specific function.

The most common type of long flex PCB is made from FR4 material or flame retardant epoxy laminate. This material is widely used because it is solid and durable enough to withstand bending without cracking or breaking apart. Long flex PCBs must also be rigid enough to resist twisting under pressure while still being flexible enough to bend without breaking at the joints.

Applications Where Our Long Flex PCBs Are Used

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is an essential and sensitive part of any hospital. That is why they need high-quality and reliable medical equipment. They have to be able to handle all the different types of situations that might come up in the operating room. A lot of times, this means that you need to have a lot of different kinds of sensors and other components that will be able to handle different situations. This is where our long flex PCB comes in handy.

Many different types of medical equipment use our long flex PCB for their circuit boards. One example would be defibrillators, which help restart someone's heart if it stops beating correctly. Another example would be ultrasound machines, which allow doctors to see inside someone's body without having to do surgery or cut them open. A third example would be dental drills, which are used by dentists when they are working on your teeth.


Long flex PCB is used in various automotive applications. For example, the PCB connects all the components in the rearview mirror of vehicles, including sensors and display units. Another example is when a long flex PCB connects the radio antennae to the amplifier unit. In many cases, our long flex PCBs are also used for connecting different parts of vehicle equipment such as radar systems, sensors, parking assist systems, and much more.

Industrial Electronics

In industrial automation equipment, long flex PCBs can be used as signal transmission lines between different parts of machines or between other devices themselves. For example, you may need a lot of sensors installed in various places in your factory, but they all send signals through one wire back to the computer system controlling them all; this would require lots of cables running around everywhere and would be difficult to manage and maintain if these wires were not flexible enough.

Why Choose Us for Long Flex PCB up to 20m Length?

We are an established PCB manufacturer with many years of experience. Here we share why you should choose us for long flex PCB up to 20m length.

Quality Assurance

Our quality control process starts with incoming materials, production, and final inspection. We have implemented strict inspection policies to ensure that each panel is qualified before shipping.

Competitive Price

We have been manufacturing flex PCBs for many years, and by now, we have built up a good relationship with our suppliers, who can offer us a competitive price on materials and components.

Experienced Staff

We have a professional team of engineers who have worked on flex PCB production for many years, and they are all highly trained and experienced in their respective areas, such as mechanical design, electrical design, circuit design, software development, etc. Our engineers are familiar with all the processes involved in making a flex PCB, such as copper plating, soldering, etc.

Fast Turnaround Time

We always strive to meet our customers' deadlines by providing fast response time to their inquiries and placing orders at once upon receiving their feedback on mockup designs.

Tips for Designing Long Flex PCB up to 20m Length

Flex PCB is the most flexible type, which can be bent and deformed to a certain degree. Flexibility is one of its unique features, but it also brings some challenges to designers. Here we will share some tips when designing long flex PCBs up to 20m in length.

Keep Track of PCB Thickness

The thickness of flex PCB varies from 1mm to 3mm, so we need to consider this when designing long flex PCB. If the PCB thickness is too thin, it will affect the flexibility, leading to a certain degree of deformation during bending; if it is too thick, there will be unnecessary extra costs due to increased material consumption and higher production cost.

Consider the Bending Radius

When designing long flex PCBs up to 20m in length, we must pay attention to the bending radius of each part of the printed circuit board (PCB). The larger the bending radius is, the less chance there will be deformation during bending; however, keep in mind that an oversized bending radius may cause problems during assembly because components cannot be placed close enough together on the board or soldering joints may not fit appropriately around a bend in the board if they are not large enough.

The Bottom Line

Flex PCB is a good choice for a high-level, complex system to get the best results. Long Flex PCB is a more cost-effective way to extend the engineering of this application. Most factories will take flex PCB as the default choice. Flex PCB has better connecting performance, which is much easier to process and can be completed before the other material arrives. Clients searching for a reliable Flex PCB manufacturer experienced in handling unique design requests and aggressive MOQ requirements should contact Hemeixin.

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