micro PCB you don’t know

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The micro PCB comprises a supporting board and a module that carries the microcircuit. micro PCB has been developing towards high precision, high density and high reliability, continuously reducing its volume, reducing its cost and improving its performance, which makes it still maintain strong vitality in the future development projects of electronic equipment.

micro PCB now more and more widely, the application scope of the main benefits and it has many unique advantages, such as micro PCB, high density, high reliability (such as through a series of inspection, test and aging test can guarantee that tiny general deadline for 20 years in micro PCB), can be designed and producibility (micro PCB can be standardized, quantitative scale, automatic production, ensure product quality consistency), maintainability (due to micro PCB and components assembly parts in standardized design and mass production, so once the system failure occurs, Can be replaced quickly, conveniently and flexibly, quickly and efficiently.

the printed circuit board, Because the electrical boundary of the printed circuit board is used to set the component and the placement area of the wiring, it must be drawn in the forbidden routing layer; set the board layer and system parameters, execute menu commands, and set the board layer in the board stack manager. Determine the development environment and interface style of the design system by setting the system parameters of the printed circuit board section of the various components between the circuits replaces the complicated good solution was found in 3D.

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