Quick-turn PCB Manufacturing Services

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Today’s OEMs are tasked with supplying higher performance products that require increasingly complex printed circuit boards (PCBs) while reducing cycle times and bringing products to market faster. This drives the need for quick turn PCB fabrication regardless of the complexity of the board, backed by advanced manufacturing processes and high mix production capabilities.

Hemeixin Electronics Co., Ltd, through its Quick Turn Around (QTA) capability, provides a wide range of prototype/new product introduction PCBs in the early design phase so that customers can stabilize new designs and then get them to market quickly.

“Due to an increase in demand in the defense/aerospace, IT/supercomputer, medical and ATE markets, we have created a separate and dedicated QTA fabrication line with its own set of equipment, processes, and operations personnel,” said PPC Manager, Director of QTA Operations at HemeixinPCB. “We have invested in QTA capability in order to provide 1 to 10 day turn around times, including those PCBs requiring complex technologies, high layer counts, high density interconnect and advanced manufacturing processes. Early successes include wins with new customers as well as new opportunities with existing customers.”

The attached photo shows an example of a fabricated QTA PCB. This is a 36 layer board with impedance control, gold surface finish, a 30:1 aspect ratio, depth controlled back drilling and pattern plating and was supplied in prototype quantities.

Once the prototype board is evaluated and approved by the customer, HemeixinPCB can seamlessly switch to production quantities, since its quick turn pcb line is a mirror image of the tools and processes employed in the standard fabrication line, which is widely recognized for producing outstanding PCB quality. In addition, the staff at HemeixinPCB can offer expertise in design for manufacturability and process optimization for improving yields and product reliability.

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