Heavy copper PCB fabrication and design increase reliability and durability

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Power electronic products are making a remarkable stand in the PCB industry and Heavy Copper PCB is one among them. The design has lots of benefits and is widely used for lasting results. Heavy copper PCB features a thickness of more than 4oz which is much higher as compared to the standard PCBs which has 1oz or 2oz of thickness.

There are various utilization of these PCBs and are mechanically assembled with layers of fiberglass sheets. These sheets are laminated with copper patterns. These circuit boards are produced with specialized plating and etching techniques. A traditional circuit board trace is not necessarily rectangular in shape but depends on the size and manufacturing process. Heavy copper PCB conductors are responsible for adding significant thickness to the overall board.

The reason that Heavy Copper PCB supports large electric currents and is reliable, it is used in heavy electric works including solar batteries, electronic control of motors for eco-cars, etc. There are various other usages as well which make Heavy Copper PCB a reliable option.

Benefits of Heavy copper PCB that makes it a great option for power supply.

These circuit boards increase endurance to thermal strain. With great mechanical strength, they show at connector sites, they are highly desirable. The design is compact and the multiple copper weight is incorporated on the same layer, making it fit for most of the electrical tasks. Heavy Copper PCB has the capacity to carry high current. The amount of current a circuit can carry depends on the heat rise it can withstand. You can determine the minimum width and thickness of these heavy copper PCB through the current carrying capacity required with the maximum allowable temperature rise.

Heavy Copper PCB is a great option to fulfill the need for high current. As a single layer can accommodate two different circuit types, high-density wiring is a piece of cake for these designs.

There is no doubt that designers are always striving for the best results and performance. This has given room for more improvement and complex circuit designs.

Application of Heavy Copper PCB in Military operation.

Almost every power electronic product, especially Heavy Copper PCB have been a major requirement for the military as well as aerospace centers for many years. It is continuously gaining momentum and is supposed to grow in terms of design and application as the industry’s demand grows.

The various technologies that use Heavy Copper PCB for successful operation include Weapons Control Systems, Primary and Secondary Windings of High Power Planar Transformers, Power Supplies for Radar Systems, Power Distribution Panels and Battery Charger and Monitoring Systems.

The more the industry is growing, the huge momentum it is gaining for making it better. Heavy Copper PCB is capable of making a lot of things possible through its current-carrying capabilities.

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