Top 100 PCB Companies in the World

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Printed circuit boards are the backbone of any electrical device. While getting them manufactured, we have to search a lot of PCB Companies over the internet to select one which supplies reliable PCBs. Many PCB Companies over the internet claim to be extremely professional, but there are several factors you have to check before believing them.

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You have to look for PCB Companies capable of designing, fabricating, testing PCBs, and even assembling them professionally when you need an effective PCBA for your devices. You must also check PCB Companies certifications, manufacturing capabilities, customer service, prices, and staff capabilities.

Experience of PCB companies in the manufacturing field and PCB companies PCB and PCBA fabrication requirements are other important criteria you need to consider before selecting them. This post will discuss over 100 PCB Companies worldwide that deliver reliable PCBs to your doorstep.

Top 20 PCB Companies in Eastern Asia

When it comes to reliable PCB Companies, Asia is the leading manufacturer and supplier of PCBs worldwide. You can find many PCB Companies in eastern Asia that can fabricate, design, and test simple to advanced PCBs for you at competitive market prices without affecting their qualities. 

PCB Companies in East Asia, especially in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, are highly developed and advanced and manufacture the world’s best-advanced PCB using high-quality materials. Due to the use of experienced PCB designers, local manufacturers, and the best PCB material availability, Chinese PCB companies deliver the most advanced PCBs and PCBAs worldwide from East Asia.

Shenzhen is believed to be the most advanced region in the World for PCBs; if you want the best PCBs, you can procure them from PCB companies there. The twenty Best PCB companies in Eastern Asia are as follows

  1. Heimeixin PCB
  2. Unimicron
  3. ZDT
  4. DSBJ
  5. Compeq
  6. Shennan Circuits
  7. Hann Star
  8. Tripod
  9. KBPCB
  10. Victory Giant
  11. Flexium
  12. KinwongElectronics
  13. Unitech
  14. Dynamics
  15. XiamenHon-Flex
  16. SunLynn
  17. RaymingPCB
  18. AllPCB
  19. JLCPCB
  20. China PCB One

Top 20 PCB Companies in North America 

When it comes to custom PCB and prototyping, you can find many experienced PCB Companies in northern America. In either the USA or Canada, you can find multiple good PCB Companies with advanced PCB designing, assembling, testing, and fabrication facilities.

Many PCB Companies in northern America support and provide online portals that allow clients to see their PCB fabrication status, which is a plus factor in ordering from there. Experienced PCB Companies in northern America are ISO, IPC, UL, IATF, and ITAR certified, which fabricate reliable PCBs for their clients.

The best twenty PCB Companies in Northern America are as follows

  1. Heimeixin PCB
  2. Advanced Circuitry International
  3. Custom Circuit Boards
  4. Rush PCB
  5. Journey Circuits
  6. RedBoard Circuits
  7. TechnoTronix
  8. C.T. (USA)
  9. NexLogic
  10. JY Circuit
  11. Sierra circuit
  12. Epec
  13. RayMing PCB
  14. Enigma Interconnect
  15. CCI Canadian Circuits
  16. RLX Solutions
  17. Crimp Circuits
  18. San Francisco Circuits
  19. PCBWay
  20. Advanced Circuits

Top 20 PCB Companies in Europe

Europe is another progressive region of the world where you can find dependable PCB Companies. European PCB Companies are highly developed, and PCBs are popularly used in the medical and automotive industries.

Almost forty percent of internet-based PCB electronic devices are made from PCBs from European PCB Companies. European PCB Companies are also famous for their Turnkey PCB services, and you can get the best quick-turn PCBs for your electronic devices.

Many PCB Companies in Germany, Italy, Finland, Czech, and France are well known for their PCB services and quality customer services to provide you with PCB solutions in a limited time. The top twenty European PCB Companies are as follows

  1. Heimeixin PCB
  2. Wurth Elektronik
  3. NCAB Group
  4. Lab Circuits
  5. KSG GmbH
  6. Aspocomp
  7. Eurocircuits
  8. ICAPE Group
  9. Beta LAYOUT
  10. eXception PCB Solutions
  11. Schweizer
  12. MOKO Technology
  13. Elvia PCB
  14. PCB Design
  15. EP Electronic Print
  16. Proto-Electronics
  17. Lamirel PCB Europe
  18. Olimex Ltd
  19. Beta LAYOUT
  20. PCB Arts

Top 10 PCB Companies in South Asia and SouthEast Asia

Other technologically advanced regions of Asia where you can find many PCB suppliers and PCB Companies are South Asia and SouthEast Asia. Various advanced PCB Companies are located in Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

The top ten south Asian and south East Asian PCB Companies are as follows

  1. Hemeixin PCB
  2. Elna PCB
  3. KCE
  4. Circuit Systems
  5. PCB Power
  6. Lion Circuits
  7. Fine-Line Circuits
  8. Asian Electronic Circuit
  9. Silver Circuits
  10. Wizlogix

Top 10 PCB Companies in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most advanced parts of Asia, where you can find the best PCB Companies. Taiwan has some of the most technologically advanced PCB Companies that deliver PCBs of the highest quality and specification. You can easily order cost-friendly PCB from many PCB suppliers there.

The top ten PCB Companies in Taiwan are as follows

  1. Hemeixin PCB
  2. Unitech
  3. Chin Poon
  4. Career
  5. GCE
  6. TPT
  7. Flexium
  8. Kinsus
  9. Tripod
  10. NanyaPCB

Top 10 PCB Companies in Japan

Japan is one the best regions in Asia to get advanced PCBs fabricated by technologically advanced electronic PCB companies present there. The top ten Japanese PCB Companies are as follows

  1. Hemeixin PCB
  2. Yamamoto Mfg
  3. ShinAsashi
  4. Aikokiki
  5. Toppan
  6. Kyosha
  7. OKI PCB Group
  8. DaishoDenshi
  9. ShiraiDenshi
  10. Fujitsu Interconnect

Top 10 PCB Companies in Korea

Korea is another popular country to get the highest quality advanced PCBS from experienced and cost-friendly PCB companies. The top ten PCB companies in Korea are as follows

  1. Hemeixin PCB
  2. DAP
  4. SIFlex
  5. Isu-Petasys
  6. Daeduck Group
  7. LGInnotek
  8. Simmtech
  9. TLB
  10. New Flex

Final Words

This post has discussed the most technologically advanced regions with PCB Companies worldwide. We have named over 100 PCB Companies in this article for your knowledge and selection, and Hemeixin is our first choice among all these PCB Companies due to its high-quality PCB products and customer service.

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