Top 15 PCB Manufacturers in the World

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Printed circuit boards are an integral part of any modern electronic device. PCBs are widely employed in various sectors, and their uses are expanding daily. However, finding reliable PCB manufacturers is a difficult task.

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In this post, you can find 15 top PCB manufacturers who fabricate and provide the best PCBs and PCBAs of every type worldwide.

1. Camptech Circuits

Camptech circuits is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in the world, and they can fabricate rigid, flex, hybrid, metal, and various advanced PCBs for your devices. They have 40 years of experience as reliable PCB manufacturers and suppliers.

Camptech circuits is one of the top PCB Manufacturers in the USA that use high-quality materials such as Arlon, Rogers, and Taconic for their PCBs. They offer 2-10 days delivery for prototype PCBs and 5-4 weeks for full PCB order production.

2. Uet PCB

Next on our list is Set PCB, one of the world's prominent PCB manufacturers who fabricate, design, and assemble simple to advanced PCBs in the most cost-effective way. They are one of the best PCB manufacturers located in Shenzhen, China, and have their own PCB manufacturing Plants.

Their PCBs are highly employed in digital communication, industrial, safety, aerospace, medical, and consumer goods. Uet PCB is among the skilled ISO-certified PCB manufacturers in China that ships quality PCB boards and assemblies worldwide.

3. Digi-Key

Digi-key is one of the fastest growing PCB manufacturers and electronic suppliers based in the US that deliver reliable PCB and electronic products worldwide. They are environment-conscious PCB manufacturers and practice the best PCB and electronic manufacturing practices, so their product does not affect the environment.

They are the best PCB manufacturers with quick online manufacturing and design facilities. You can contact them online to avail their facilities digitally.


PCBONLINE is one of the leading online PCB manufacturers, ranking 12th on our list of the top 15 PCB manufacturers. PCBOnline is a single stop for high-end PCB and PCBA manufacturing, material, and component online resourcing.

They are among UL, ISO, IATF, ROHS, and REACH-certified PCB manufacturers who design and develop PCBs and whole EMS Solutions for their clients. You can contact them for quality services from design to testing your prototype to custom PCBs.

5. Eurocircuits

Eurocircuits is among the reliable PCB manufacturers specializing in prototype and small series PCBs and assemblies. They have started PCB manufacturing in Belgium and now deliver worldwide. They are among those PCB manufacturers who aid their customers in fast PCB fabrication and designing.

They are reliable, dependable, and convenient, and ordering PCBs from them is always a pleasant experience.


DSBJ is the next company on our list of the top 15 PCB manufacturers. They offer the best rigid, flexible, and rigid-flex PCBs manufacturing capabilities with the best material, features, assembly, and designing facilities. They are among the most cost-effective PCB manufacturers in the world.

7. Shennan Circuits

Because of its excellent services, Shennan Circuits is one of the most expanding Chinese PCB manufacturers. Due to their hard work and quality services, they have grown from China to America. This PCB Production and assembly service has been delivering world-class PCB solutions and economical circuit boards for the last thirty years.

They are among the most well-known PCB manufacturers that deliver the best advance to simple PCB and PCBAs worldwide in the shortest lead times.

8. Suntak PCB

Suntak is ranked eighth on our ranking of the best PCB manufacturers. This prototyping PCB manufacturing company is undoubtedly the best in the information systems and electrical manufacturing sectors. 

They are among those qualified PCB manufacturers whose QA team thoroughly checks the high-quality PCBs and PCBAs before shipping them to clients.

9. RayMing PCB & Assembly

Another highly advanced PCB manufacturer on our best PCB manufacturers list is RayMing PCB & Assembly. Like other advanced PCB manufacturers, this company's PCBs and PCBAs have demonstrated their effectiveness in various electronic industries, including automotive, medical, telecommunications, and robotics.

10. Gultech

Gultech is among the customer-oriented PCB manufacturers, and they believe in client satisfaction and are famous for their custom PCBs. They are constantly developing and improving their PCB manufacturing and assembling services.

Like other experienced PCB manufacturers on this list, their PCBs are reliable to use in Automobiles, computers, communication, and commercial devices

11. China Fast Print

This PCB assembly is one of the global PCB manufacturers and employs about 4000 people worldwide, including the UK, China, and USA, in the PCB design and manufacturing, development, and research fields.

They have been developing high-quality PCB boards, assembly, and other electronic items for the last twenty years. You can order PCBs from them worldwide.

12. Unimicron

Unimicron is among the top advanced PCB manufacturers worldwide. They can design and develop the most sophisticated PCBs you require for advanced electronics. They are among those PCB manufacturers who can design and fabricate FPC, HDI, ELIC, and Rigid-Flex multilayer circuit boards for reasonable prices.

13. NextPCB

NextPCB is among the most competent PCB manufacturers in the world, with over Fifteen years of expertise in the PCB manufacturing and assembly fields. As one of the top emerging PCB manufacturers, they can supply the most advanced PCB and PCBA technologies in the finest quality in the shortest delivery time, at least twenty-four hours.

14. Advanced Circuits

The advanced circuit is second among the top PCB manufacturers worldwide as they are the third leading PCB manufacturer in North America. As one of the most capable PCB manufacturers, they use highly advanced technology and the highest quality PCB material to fabricate and design your PCBs.

They offer free PCB design and design reviews for their customers. Contact them for quality PCB services if you want to fabricate the most advanced PCBs on a budget.

15. Hemeixin PCB

Lastly, top on our list of PCB manufacturers worldwide are the most advanced and quality PCB manufacturers, designers, and assemblers Hemeixin PCB. They can design, test, manufacture, and assemble various types of PCBs for you.

They are among the best online PCB manufacturers, and you can check the material and quotes for PCB manufacturing from their highly developed advanced website. Their quote is reliable for one month, which not even the best PCB manufacturers cannot match. Hence, for the best PCB manufacturing services, contact them.

Final Words:

In this article, we have discussed the top fifteen PCB manufacturers in the world. If you are looking for the best PCBs, visit Hemeixin PCB to avail yourself of their quality services and get the best possible PCBs at the best prices.

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