Microvia HDI PCBs

Hemeixin is one of the first companies to provide volume HDI capability to our customers. Our continuous investment in developing world-class, fine-line Microvia technology has made us a leading Microvia HDI PCB board manufacturer. Our thorough experience and commitment in providing a complete solution for our customers helps to resolve early design issues, shorten the lead time, and deliver a high-quality, cost-efficient product.

This includes:

  • ELIC (Every Layer Interconnection)
  • Skipped, telescopic, stacked μvias
  • 30 layers
  • Quick-turn, High Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB board within 10 working days
  • HDI pcb build up: 1+N+1 HDI PCB, 2+N+2 HDI PCB, 3+N+3 HDI PCB, 4+N+4 HDI PCB,  5+N+5 HDI PCB, 6+N+6 HDI PCB,  7+N+7 HDI PCB
  • Ultra-thin HDI pcb for wearable electronics
  • Megtron 6 (R-5775),  Megtron 4 (R-5755) high speed, low loss material HDI PCB manufacturing services
  • • PCB fabrication assembly one-stop services


Stacked microvia HDI pcb


Our Solution

HDI PCB            HDI PCB
HDI PCB            HDI PCB

In addition to our Microvia HDI PCB production, we also produce other types. Discover our RF and Microwave PCB, Heavy Copper PCB, Metal Core & Thermal PCB, Manufacturing Capabilities, and IC Substrate pages.

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