3 layer PCB for a wide range of high-tech industries

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3 layer PCB is suitable for a wide range of high-tech industries, such as telecommunications, computers, industrial control, digital products, science, and education equipment, medical equipment, automobiles, aerospace defense and so on.

The features of the 3 layer PCB are:

  • (1) When used in conjunction with an integrated circuit, the whole machine can be miniaturized and the weight of the whole machine can be reduced.
  • (2) The wiring density is increased, the pitch of components is reduced, and the signal transmission path is shortened.
  • (3) Reduced solder joints of components and reduced failure rate.
  • (4) Due to the addition of the shielding layer, the signal distortion of the circuit is reduced.
  • (5) The grounding heat dissipation layer is introduced to reduce local overheating and improve the reliability of the whole machine.


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