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Hemeixin PCB has been providing PCB assembly for decades and specializes in multilayer flex circuits. They provide a complete suite of PCB manufacturing services with extensive add-on services.

Hemeixin boasts top quality flex products that are made to their client’s exact specifications. Technicians are equipped with the latest technology and leverage their experience to convert your ideas into high-performing applications.

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Industry-Leading Flexible PCB Manufacturer

Hemeixin manufactures and provides high quality flex PCBs at affordable prices. The manufacturing process includes sequential designing of flex component layers such as copper, coverlay, base polyimide, and stiffeners are attached by acrylic or epoxy layers. Based on the client’s specifications, Hemiexin can provide single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, and even flex-rigid circuit boards.

Hemiexin always uses materials that are suitable for the intended application. They can be either static (for example, in digital cameras), or dynamic (for example, used in hard disk drives). Stiffeners may be applied in the flex areas of the circuit if the comments need to be fixed.

The cost of making flex circuit boards is usually on the expensive side of things because of the use of high-end materials and relative complexity. Technicians have to undergo years of training under experienced mentors to achieve a certain degree of expertise.

Hemeixin PCB leverages special tools in the making of flexible PCBs. These tools allow the production of flex circuits at scale (thousands of pieces at once) without breaking the bank.

Types of Flex Circuits - Hemeixin PCB

Hemeixin specialties in various types of flex PCBs with great variation in design, materials, and number of layers.

Single-Sided Flex PCBs

These circuit boards have a single conductive layer. They are the most commonly used flexible boards that are well suited for dynamic, flexible applications. Stiffeners may be used in the making of single sided flex PCBs, depending on the project specifications.,

Double-Sided Flex PCBs

Double-sided flex PCBs feature two conductive layers with plating through holes. Stiffeners may be applied with double-sided flex PCBs depending on the project specifications. A copper layer is applied on either side of the base. This is followed by several processes, including drilling, etching, and insulation on either side.

Multi-Layer Flex PCBs

Multilayer flex PCBs feature three or more layers with plating through holes. The technique used for PTH is used to improve the connection between the conductive layers. Stiffeners may or may not be used with multilayer PCBs depending on the application.

Rigid-Flex PCBs

These circuits have a rigid and flexible section with two or more conductive layers.

Flex PCB at Scale

Hemeixin PCB has perfected the art of manufacturing flex circuits at scale without affecting quality. They can make minor adjustments to the assembly process to meet the specificities of certain projects. Their customized PCB manufacturing capability allows them to design high-quality flex circuits based on individual requirements.

Why the Manufacturing Process at Hemeixin PCB is Unique

Hemeixin PCB has several years of experience in making flexible PCBs. Their products have been extensively used in just about every industry you can think of.

But what sets Hemeixin PCB apart from the crowd? Hemeixin serves one stop shop source for flex PCBs, from quoting and designing to manufacturing and shipping. Moreover, their flex PCB products are customized to meet the specific requirements of different industries, businesses, and applications.

Hemeixin PCB only manufactures high quality PCBs using thin copper foils. Over the years, they have refined their flex PCB production capability to become the definitive one-stop-shop service that does it all.

Flex PCB products from Hemeixin PCB have found use in various industries and applications. Their products have been used in the automotive, aerospace, and healthcare industry. They have also been used in consumer electronics like smartphones and automotive applications.

What makes Hemeixin PCB a trusted name in the industry is its rigorous quality standards.

The Benefits of Flex PCBs

A major advantage of flexible circuits is that they eliminate interconnection defects that are often found in solder joints. Flex circuits are up to 75% lighter compared to conventional circuits. This is because they use thin materials that consist of polyimide and polyester materials. These films have a thickness in the range of 12 to 120 microns.

Flex PCBs eliminate the need to use ribbon connectors and wiring harnesses. This has several benefits. For starters, it reduces the overall weight, cost, and space of devices. It also reduces the amount of labor that goes into each process as well as quality control.

Thanks to the standardization of flex PCB processes, it is easy to achieve economies of scale that can be passed on to clients.

Flex PCBs have allowed the miniaturization of technology to take place while simultaneously allowing for more interconnections.   

All in all, flex circuits can reduce costs anywhere from 60% to 70% compared to traditional wiring harnesses.

But just because flex PCBs are cheaper doesn’t make them unreliable. In fact, thanks to the standardization of Flex PCB technology, the circuits prove to be far more reliable and long-lasting. This is especially true in applications where the circuits may be exposed to frequent mechanical stress, temperature variations, and non-stop vibrations.

Major Uses of Flex PCBs

Flex circuits are well suited to many applications that have proven to be long lasting and reliable. These include aerospace, medical, and automotive industries.

Aerospace Industry

Materials used in the aerospace industry are held to a higher standard because they are subjected to extreme temperatures and mechanical vibrations. Flex PCBs are particularly useful in the aerospace industry because they can be made in unusual shapes, unlike traditional harness designs that are more prone to failure.

Medical Devices

Medical technology has come a long way thanks to the miniaturization of technology made only possible with the use of flexible circuits. Flex circuits are finding more use in wearable devices with greater durability.


Cars use flex PCBs to operate electronics and sensors that control everything from climate control and everything in between. Flex PCB technology has allowed modern-day cars to become self-aware machines that can alert drivers of their surroundings.

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