Introduction to flexible circuit board manufacturing methods

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Flexible circuit board, also known as “soft board”, is a printed circuit board made of the flexible insulating substrate. Or it can be said that it is made of polyimide or polyester film. The flex...

Change of substrate size in PCB fabrication

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The reason: (1) The difference in the warp and weft direction causes the substrate size to change; in the PCB fabrication, due to the shearing, the fiber direction is not noticed, and the shear ...

The role of flexible PCB fabrication in medical treatment

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The role of flexible PCB fabrication in medical treatment FPC has not been a part of the accessories after years of progress, and flexible PCB fabrication can be seen in many medical devices. 1...

This article mainly describes the high-frequency PCB board wiring rules.

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1.Component arrangement rule 1) Under normal conditions, all components should be placed on the same side of the printed circuit. Only when the top component is too dense, some devices with limi...

What is the PCB manufacturing process

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In today’s technological development, the research of the PCB manufacturing process is very important. Today, PCB is widely used, almost every electronic device, from electronic watches and calcula...

Briefly describe the selection criteria of five major materials for flexible circuits

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In recent years, flexible circuit technology has been applied in various fields and has been applied in the fields of radio communication, computers, and automotive electronics. In the past, flexib...

Three main features of flexible circuit boards

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1. Flexibility and reliability of FPC flexible circuit boards At present, FPC has four types: single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer flexible board and rigid-flexible board. a. The single-side...

Complicated double-layer PCB manufacturing process

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Double panels are usually made of epoxy glass cloth. Unlike the single-layer printed circuit board manufacturing process, the double layer PCB manufacturing process is a more complex process, and S...

The most influential and most vital multilayer PCB manufacturing process

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Multilayer PCBs are typically fabricated from epoxy glass cloth-clad laminates and are high-tech products in printed boards. The natural multilayer pcb manufacturing process is the most influential...

The traditional single layer PCB manufacturing process

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PCB production processes are constantly changing as process technology advances. It also varies with PCB manufacturers using different process technologies and PCB types. In other words, different...

3 layer PCB for a wide range of high-tech industries

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3 layer PCB is suitable for a wide range of high-tech industries, such as telecommunications, computers, industrial control, digital products, science, and education equipment, medical equipment, a...

Double-layer printed circuit board that is more suitable for complex circuits than single-layer boards

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A printed circuit board is a conductive pattern attached to the surface of an insulating substrate for connecting electronic devices. A printed circuit board having conductive patterns on both sid...

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